Whenever we’re facing a goal, one of the wisest things we can do is take a few minutes to distinguish between what’s controllable and what isn’t controllable.

 I suggest you use a pencil and paper. Simply divide the paper into two columns and, as you reflect on the goal, place each element into the proper column. What you end up with is a ‘map’ that shows what you can work on (actions which are controllable by you) and what you can’t control. This empowers you to move forward and do what you can do.

    In any goal, some things are controllable and, of course, some things are not. Here’s the key thing to know: The primary things that are OUT of your control are the RESULTS of your actions. Your EFFORTS are within your control. The results are *not*!!


For example, let’s say you’re looking for a job. You do not have control over whether you get a certain job or even how quickly you get a job. You do, however, have absolute control over how you approach the whole process—what you DO. Searching for great potential opportunities. Reaching out to friends for ideas and support. Polishing your resume, drafting awesome cover emails/letters/videos/whatever. You can control the level of little, massive, diligent and persistent action you take.

And, of course, by focusing on that, you influence the likelihood of getting the outcome you’re looking for. Same rules apply to EVERYTHING you may want. What do you want? What’s within your control? What’s not? What’s the next baby step you can take?

smallYourWorkHastoMatchYourWant-july-3DThis article is taken from my new book, “Your Work Has To Match Your Want: Your Guide To Getting EVERYTHING You Want.”

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